Creators of Shadow Deck, Card Crushers, Slot Machines-Wild Casino HD and others

Basic information

NOXGAMES is a creative indie game development team. Our goal is to make great funny games. We can proudly present 60+ successfull game titles since 2005. We are doing our best to develop awesome games.



Shadow Deck

2019 | Android

Card Crushers

2018 | iOS, Android

Mad Puppet Racing

2016 | Android

Dark Deck - Dračí karty

2016 | Android

Puppet Soccer Champions 2014

2015 | Android, iOS, PC

Puppet Tennis - Maňáskový Tenis

2015 | Android, iOS, PC

Puppet Ice Hockey

2015 | Android, iOS, PC

Tiny Totem Tap

2015 | Android, iOS, PC

Puppet Soccer 2014 - Fotbal

2014 | Android, iOS, PC

Open positions

There are currently no open positions in NOXGAMES
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