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Creators of Codenames, Boom Mania , Through the Ages and others established in 2012

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Founded in 2014, CGE Digital is the digital branch of Czech Games Edition, a developer and publisher of more than 40 board games, including the popular global party game hit Codenames, as well as Through the Ages, Lost Ruin of Arnak, Alchemists, Galaxy Trucker, and more.

CGE Digital is focused primarily on creating digital versions of some of CGE’s most popular board games. Galaxy Trucker — designed by Vlaada Chvátil (known for his critically acclaimed games such as Original War, Mage Knight, or Codenames) — was the first of CGE’s games to be recreated digitally. 

Galaxy Trucker sends players flying across the cosmos in ships built out of sewer pipes, all while facing various dangers — from pirate ships to meteors swarms — along the way. Hauling precious cargo and keeping your ship intact is no easy task in this wild and wacky galactic adventure.

In 2017, CGE Digital released another of Chvátil's games, Through the Ages. This civilization-building game was rated one of the best board games in the world (based on rankings). The digital edition keeps all of the popular mechanics of the original game, while adding a single-player mode and new features that make the game more accessible to play.

Currently, CGE Digital is working on releasing the Codenames App, an enhanced digital version of the globally renowned party game for mobile devices that adds exciting new layers to the core Codenames experience.

All of CGE's Digital’s releases are available on Android, iOS and PC (Steam,




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TBD | iOS, Android, Fire OS

Boom Mania

2022 | iOS, Android

Through the Ages

2018 | PC, iOS, Android

Galaxy Trucker

2014 | Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Fire OS

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