Hangar 13  |   Location: Brno /  |   Type of Contract: Internship

What We Need:We are looking for talented university students or graduates with some creative or technical game development specialization able to improve themselves quickly under supervision of experienced professionals.

What You Will Do (just examples):

  • Technical Artist (Shaders/Dynamics/Simulations): Work with the Engineering to understand technical requirements and limitations of the engine and hardware and our expectations. Work with Art, Design, VFX and Animation to understand content needs of the game. Create visually stunning effects and behavior for interactive assets.
  • Animator: Create computer animations of characters and objects based on the screenplay/design of the game and take care of their quality and functionality in the game. Based on their skills, animators specialize in game animations of characters and objects, animations of facial gestures, and processing film sequences.
  • Software Engineer: Participate in the development of low-level systems like streaming, generic serialization, component system, physics integration and more while using the latest consoles and PC hardware. Work with proprietary existing software technology and build a new technology in order to fulfil the project’s technical requirements. Investigate and apply performance improvements in our engine and game system.
  • Designer
  • VFX Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Cinematic Editor
  • QA Technician

Who We Think Will Be A Good Fit:

What we need for every of these roles:

  • Portfolio demonstrating strong artistic/technical abilities
  • Communicative knowledge of English
  • Genuine team player with a positive attitude
  • Passion for videogames

And for

  • Technical Artist: Experience with 3D modelling packages like 3ds Max, Maya or Houdini. Strong ability to learn new areas of development. Other recommended skills: Knowledge of scripting languages (Python, Max Script, VB, …). Knowledge of HLSL. Knowledge of current real-time render techniques. Understanding material authoring for physically based rendering pipelines. Experience with other in-house or public shader editor. Experience in VFX and dynamics. Knowledge of linear algebra.
  • Animator: Animation reel demonstrating strong animation ability. Knowledge of classic animation principles, body mechanics, acting, posing, and storytelling techniques. Knowledge of Maya and Motion Builder.
  • Software Engineer: Experience working on core systems. Expertise in C++. Good OO design. Strong 3D math and algorithm skills. Ability to research, analyse and optimize the code to meet performance requirements. Ability to learn and master new technologies and code. Ability to quickly and effectively understand and work with other programmers’ code. Other recommended skills: Experience with multi-processor programming. Experience working on multi-platform software projects. Experience developing for game consoles (Xbox One and PS4); preferably action, FPS or 3PS titles, and open world games. Experience or interest in procedural generation techniques.

Who We Are:

Hangar 13 is an internal 2K development studio based in four locations: Brno & Prague (Czech Republic), Novato (California), and Brighton (UK), working collaboratively as one team.

Each of our locations provides the opportunity to Bravely Create on big-budget, AAA console titles in a diverse and inclusive environment.

At Hangar 13, we want people driven by curiosity — Visionaries who aren’t afraid to explore new territory. Intrepid individuals who embrace the weird, the challenging, the unconventional.

We’re continuing to build a space that empowers you to take risks and redefine what’s possible,

Where your inquisitive nature is nourished —

A home for people who aren’t satisfied with what is, but who are obsessed by what could be.

So bring your talent,

Your unique point-of-view, Your fearless tenacity,

And together, we’ll Bravely Create


Located in the south-east part of the Czech Republic, just a 2-hour drive from Prague, 3 hrs from Budapest and mere 90 minutes from Vienna, surrounded by vineyards from the south-east and highlands from the north-west, Brno is a comfortable place to live and work. This Czech Republic´s second largest city offers everything you need without the big city rush - modern architecture, perfect cuisine, award-winning bars, and diverse countryside.


Located in the heart of Europe, with its enchanting historical centre and magic energy, Prague is one of the world's most stunning cities. The Hangar 13 office is based in the city centre, just a few minutes from the Old Town and its famous astronomical clock. Cultural events, vibrant nightlife, sports and leisure time activities, beautiful nature – all just a few steps away.

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