Concept Artist

Hangar 13  |   Location: Brno  |   Type of Contract: Full-time

Hangar 13 is currently looking for Concept Artist supporting both Environment and Character Art. The ideal candidate will be able to create a wide variety of detailed environment and character concepts, take direction well, and iterate on ideas in a team atmosphere. To be considered for this role candidates must submit a link to an online portfolio when applying.


  • Create a range of assets from characters, environments, and even props while maintaining the core game vision set by the Art Director and Game Designers
  • Sketch explorative thumbnails in 2D and 3D
  • Create concepts from early production to final render
  • Create quick open line designs and rough silhouette sketches that communicate space and form
  • Provide feedback through paint overs
  • Storyboard creation


We are looking for a digital artist with a traditional drawing and painting background. Someone who is passionate about designing environments and bringing characters to life. Since is a team effort, someone who flourishes within a collaborative atmosphere would be happiest.

  • 3+ years of experience in games
  • Degree in Fine Art or related experience
  • Hard surface and vehicle design abilities
  • Ability to quickly iterate on ideas visually
  • Ability to take direction well
  • Self-motivated toward solving creative problems
  • Understanding of anatomy, creature, and character design
  • Illustration skills, deep understanding of composition, color theory, values, form, shape language, and silhouette


Hangar 13 is an internal 2K development studio based in four locations: Brno & Prague (Czech Republic), Novato (California), and Brighton (UK), working collaboratively as one team. Each of our locations provides the opportunity to Bravely Create on big-budget, AAA console titles in a diverse and inclusive environment. At Hangar 13, we want people driven by curiosity — Visionaries who aren’t afraid to explore new territory. Intrepid individuals who embrace the weird, the challenging, the unconventional. We’re continuing to build a space that empowers you to take risks and redefine what’s possible, Where your inquisitive nature is nourished — A home for people who aren’t satisfied with what is, but who are obsessed by what could be. So bring your talent, Your unique point-of-view, Your fearless tenacity, And together, we’ll Bravely Create.