Game Access Meetup Connect Edition 23

BVV, Veletrhy Brno, Brno
Game Access
Meetup  |     21.10.2023   |   19:00   |   BVV, Veletrhy Brno, Výstaviště 405/1, Brno

Let's get together as a community, get inspired and have some fun! It's the Meetup of Game Access Connect, our event dedicated to future and beginner game devs.

Connect Meetup will take place in the evening hours in Hall A at BVV; the same premises as Connect itself. A Meetup ticket automatically includes a ticket for two days of great Connect content too!

The standard ticket price is 490 CZK. For our friends and supporters we also offer a "Supporter" variant for 790 CZK; the proceeds will be used for the development and support of the game dev industry in the Czech Republic.

The program:

1. Panel discussion
Get inspired, educated, and entertained with these 4 veteran game devs, who will tell us about their many experiences in the industry.

List of names coming soon.

2. Django Jet show
Concert of an awesome swing and jazz band based in Brno. Greatest hits from Mafia will be of course included!

3. Vinyl & Chill
Legendary video game soundtracks, cozy atmosphere, great company, and tasty drinks.


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